Sweet Spots of Montenegro. 

If you are after spectacular viewing points and vistas like I am, here are some of the best panoramic spots in Montenegro I visited so far, including short explanations how to reach them at the bottom of the page.

9. Lovćen, Pestingrad.

Pestingrad Vista

If you decide to visit the ancient Adriatic coast town of Kotor in Montenegro, you will certainly wish to climb the high mountains that surround the city, in order to enjoy beautiful views that these magnificent spots are certainly offering.

Pestingrad is probably the best overlooking spot of whole Boka KotorskaThis stunning rock lies above the old city of Kotor offering 180 degrees view of the bay towards the open sea. Easiest way to reach this spot is from Krstac, restaurant situated at the crossroad at the entrance of village Njeguši above Kotor. From here, Pestingrad is an easy 2 hours walk (one way). The path is partially marked only, where sadly, at critical places, orientation marks are missing. The begin of the path is not signposted.

Pestingrad 16_9

Following the road from Krstac to Lovćen you will reach another great spot for panoramic shots. When you pass a small  drinks & craft selling stand situated at the road, go further until you see a signposted viewing platform at your right hand side arriving from Kotor.

Lovcen By Bicycle-4

8. Lake of Skadar. Lučica Bay and Donji Murići.

These stunning views are located along the panoramic road Virpazar – Ostros so no hiking skills are required but be prepared for plenty of curves along the narrow but incredibly scenic road. Descending to the isolated beach of Donji Murići is a must  – A Paradise Lost indeed. For a few euros you can ask some of the local fishermen to take you across to the monastery island of Beška.

Skadarsko Jezero 2016-59

Skadarsko Jezero.

7. Rijeka Crnojevića and Pavlova strana.

3km away from Rijeka Crnojevića towards Virpazar lies this extra-ordinary spot. It is not visible from the main road. There is a sign „Panorama“. You must enter private area (and buy some local wine or brandy in return) to enjoy the remarkable view of Rijeka Crnojevića.


Exactly on the opposite side from the view above, lies the famous „Paul’s Side“ (Pavlova strana). If you drive 5km from Rijeka Crnojevića towards Karuč and Dodoši you will reach the place.

Čarolija Skadarsko-4

6.  Kapetanovo lake.

Montenegros best kept secret! It’s a quite uknown area hidden in the heart of Montenegro, right beneath Moračke mountains range – Brnjik ridge is offering stunning views over two glacial lakes Kapetanovo and Manito!

Crna Gora 2017


But it is actually the entrance to the valley of Lukavica with views of Mali and Veliki Žurim peaks that is worth seeing – definetly best vista of Montenegro „from below“!

Crna Gora 2017

5. Durmitor, View of Škrka lakes from Prutaš.

Durmitor is hikers and mountaineers paradise gaining more popularity and attracting visitors from all over the world. Its one of rare places away from the seaside, where foreigners outnumber locals (where by local I refer to all Ex-Yu visitors).

Instead of climbing the highest peak of Durmitor, Bobotov Kuk, that most people do, I suggest doing a gentle ascent to Prutaš, it is a less difficult hike that offers stunning bird perspective views of both small and big Škrka lake!

Durmitor Skrka-1

4. Bukumirsko lake.

Another hidden gem only 70 minutes away from Podgorica along the well paved road. Bukumirsko lake is the entry point to the Žijevo mountain range. This is the land of Kuči – one of the most famous, traditional clans of Montenegro.

Bukumirsko jezero-1

3. Lake of Skadar, Vranjina hill.

Bird perspective views over central parts of the lake. This is a dangerous and difficult climb during summer months, recommended only at dawn or dusk. Be aware of snakes. No path is available, you have to find your own. Contrary to summer conditions, its an easy hike during winter months.

Skadarsko Jezero 2016-22

2. Trnovačko Lake.

This magical out-of-this-world heart shape lake is located at the border of Bosnia and Montenegro. Its a 5 hour hike from Montenegrin side a way easier to access from Tjentište in Bosnia. Magnificient views over the lake are part of the path to the highest peak of Bosnia & Hercegovina – Maglić.

Maglic Prijevor Trnovacko jezero

1.Karanfili from Popadija.

There are numerous alpine valleys but none is like Grbaja situated in the National Park of Prokletije in north-east corner of Montenegro:  A divine combination of stone peaks of Karanfili range right across magical lush green meadows of Popadija mountain. Best period of the year to come here  is end of June, best time of the day is late afternoon: if you are lucky and skies are clear – moments spent here are precious!


Check nestvarna.blog posts  for every location to find out more!

GPX Tracks to selected spots can also be found at my Wikiloc profile.

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